Looking for the latest information on pool and backyard design and construction practices? Here we have all the resources you need to bring your project to the next level.

  • Eclectic Style

    Download the plans and specifications for the Eclectic Style Pool.

  • Warm Contemporary

    Download the plans and specifications for the Warm Contemporary Pool.

  • Harborside Sleek

    Download the plans and specifications for the Harborside Sleek Pool.

  • Oceanfront Remake

    Download the plans and specifications for the Oceanfront Remake Pool.

  • Fan the Flame

    Integrate a fire feature for a blaze of inspiration.

  • Everyone on Deck

    How to make a concrete deck look great without stone veneers or exposed pebble.

  • Uncharted Edge

    See how three pioneers built perimeter-overflow projects using fiberglass pools.

  • Rock Solid Principles

    The art of creating realistic artificial rock depends on four key elements.

  • Backyard Inspiration

    This pool builder not only found a way to bring turf directly to the slot on a ground-level perimeter-overflow pool, but he helped create a product that will help others do it, too.

  • Legends of the Fall

    Developing the perfect shape, scale and placement of a waterfeature that has the illusion of being natural.

  • Evolution at the Perimeter

    Perimeter-overflow systems still remain very specific to each project — and the builder constructing it.

  • Special Features

    Grottos, waterfeatures, seating and planter pockets require special attention.

  • Getting Ready to Rock

    Creating artificial rock requires technical skill, artistry and an intimate understanding of nature.

  • All Hands on Deck

    Tips for finishing decks with pavers and stone.

  • Rustic Elegance

    Follow these eight steps to achieve the raw yet refined look of dry-stack stone

  • Beauty of the Edge

    Constructing a perimeter-overflow pool is not for beginners — one mistake can prove costly. Here, read an overview of how to implement this feature correctly.

  • Water in Audio

    The possibilities for manipulating sound in your waterfeatures are endless. Start with these rules and tips.

  • Playing with Pavers

    Pavers offer both practical and aesthetic benefits. Here’s how to use them in your projects.

  • Fire & Ice

    Nothing can substitute the drama of fire and water together. Here are some tips on using them in the backyard.

  • The Universal Benefits of Universal Design

    Universal design is convenient for everyone—not just Grandma and Grandpa.