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Delta UV Ultraviolet Solutions

“Light That Disinfects”

Delta Ultraviolet Corporation is the leading manufacturer and marketing firm of UV-C technology in North America. Founded in 1999, the company offers a complete line of UV products—including low pressure, medium pressure and low pressure amalgam units with products for any size body of water—from small spas and residential pools to splash pads, semi-commercial pools, commercial pools, splash pads, water features, fountains and water-parks. We continuously strive to improve our applications and move on the cutting edge of UV-C technologies promoting a green alternative to water sanitation to ultimately prevent health problems caused by waterborne pathogens and traditional chemical treatments. Our mission statement is: “Safer for you, Better for the environment.” Delta UV strongly believes in conserving the environment and values your health safety. Our UV technology is easy to use, innovative, fast, environmentally friendly and a highly efficient light disinfecting method for water treatment. Delta UV’s ultimate goal is to fulfill our obligation to reliably provide the highest quality water, meeting the strictest requirements and delivering the best possible results, without harming nature.

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