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Valcon Industries

Welcoming The Best Pool Builders In The Business

At Valcon Industries, our business is waterproofing virtually any type of substrate or material providing long-term performance that is unsurpassed by industry standards. We strive to support our family of distributors, contractors and ultimately the consumer who benefits from the genuine effort of all those who make this possible. Our products are safe, easy to use, supported by our technical services, and readily available through our distribution network across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

With Valcon’s full product line and millions of square feet underwater you can DEPEND ON PERFORMANCE every time—all the time—when it’s done right. Our applicators, builders and contractors who do it right know they have the best product money can buy and count on the kind of performance you can expect from a trusted and true source.

Many companies can lay claim to part of Valcon’s product performance and applications but nobody can lay claim to it all except Valcon Industries, LLC. Our solutions are not just for today, they are for tomorrow and years to come as our performance and longevity record attest. We consider it an honor to have your business!!